AI Smart Search

Employees spend 33% of their day searching documents

Reduce research time by 75%

AI Smart Search uses Watson Discovery to expedite research efforts by pinpointing specific answers to your questions – not just document links; immediately surfacing key information locked with your organization’s knowledge repositories, document archives and media assets.

Get back up to two hours a day

AI Smart Search powered by Watson Discovery uses natural language processing to accept questions in the jargon of your domain and then returns specific answers – saving hours of human research required to manually read through document links returned by traditional search apps.

Uncover new insights

Augment the expertise within your organization by supercharging AI enterprise search with text analytics and natural language processing to uncover insights embedded within the documentation & data sources comprising your organizations knowledge.

Deliver real-time answers

Empower people to make better decisions with more confidence by delivering whatever information is needed, immediately upon request, independent of the format.


Analyze Questions

Simply ask a question in English (or 46 other native languages) - then Watson Discovery will break down the input and apply "Intent Intelligence" to interpret the specific meaning behind the incoming question or query.

Connect to Answers

Watson Discovery connects information within the enterprise including documentation, structured & unstructured data, and digital assets.

Organize Answers

Watson organizes this source data to best be found by queries & better used to provide specific answers. Visually train Watson Discovery on source document structure using Smart Document Understanding to improve answer accuracy and precision.

Enrich Answers

Watson Discovery understands the context & meaning of pertinent source documentation via an analytics engine that provides cognitive enrichments & insights into ingested documents.

Boost Search Relevancy

Watson Discovery makes better sense of data by combining AI techniques to boost relevancy & completeness of search results including: Natural Language Understanding, Machine Learning & Deep Learning

Return Specific Answer

Unlike traditional search technologies which either display a list of links to documents or sections of a document that might contain the answer, AI Smart Search uses Watson Discovery to comb through the content and pinpoint the passages along with the source documents that host them to ensure  you get all the information you are looking for.



Combine search with AI to deliver actionable insights derived from the full spectrum of content and data sourced within and external to the enterprise.


Organizations that offer users access to a curated catalog of internal and external data will derive twice as much business value from analytics investments as those that do not.


Improve relevance & support personalization of the search and discovery experience by role or business moment context.


Anyone can teach Watson. Intuitive tooling empowers your subject-matter experts to teach Watson the language of your industry without deep technical or coding skills required.


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