XI has the vision, experience, partnerships and service offering to help people gain understanding in moments of need by enhancing cognitive performance via augmented intelligence.


Facilitate Understanding

We imagine a world where people can get understanding in the exact moment it's needed.

Enhance Cognitive Performance

We believe that having the right information, in the right context, at the right time - will usher understanding into moments where it didn't exist.

Augment Intelligence

We envision augmented intelligence seamlessly blending human expertise with AI.


We augment intelligence, by providing
AI-as-a-Service that delivers just-in-time information.


IBM is synonymous with AI -  leading the industry with breakthrough cognitive technology since 1997 when Deep Blue first beat the world’s chess champ.

XI has partnered with IBM – the foremost provider of AI development services - to help you operationalize AI in your organization using Watson to optimize time and automate complex processes.
In 2011 Watson defeated the world’s Jeopardy champion, 2016 Watson capabilities were integrated in self-driving vehicles, and into 2019 Watson faced off against the world’s leading debate champions.
UneeQ is the global standard for digital humans. The UneeQ platform lets people create digital humans using lifelike AI and machine learning enabling the best creative minds to create amazing customer experiences. UneeQ clients include ASB, Vodafone, UBS, UBank, Southern Cross, Serkoand more.

As a UneeQ Consulting Partner, XI amplifies the value of your digital human bringing it to life with additional AI services.

Digital humans are AI-powered, lifelike characters that can see, hear and understand you, your staff and your customers, meaning they can recreate “real” human conversations. Digital humans enable engaging customer experiences, and establish emotional connections between brands and users in a way that’s becoming a rarer commodity in a digital world.


Craig Templin, founder and owner of XI, is responsible for overseeing every effort and has over 30 years of professional experience in software development,  and Information Technology consulting for companies including General Dynamics/Lockheed Martin, Whole Foods Market, Grainger, The Men’s Wearhouse, BNSF Railway, Sabre, Lowe’s, Cisco Systems, Cemex and many others.



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